Omnibus, Part Deux

Sunday marked the end of teaching on Isaiah.  10 months and many hours later, I still feel I only have a cursory understanding of Isaiah’s work.  It was an extremely blessed study and teaching time.  I was reminded a short time ago of what I seem to have kept as a snapshot of Isaiah: God’s holiness, sovereignty, and the depth of my own sin, or Isaiah 6 as a central thread running throughout the book.

It’s also good the study is over, now I can move on and pick up some of the books piling up around the house.  You can see a list here.  This week is an empty house for me.  The family is with family, including the dog.  Now I have a long honey-do list, including some trim work, yard and outdoor cleanup, gardening, and multiple lighting fixture installs.  And roasting for the week, hopefully tonight.  And, prayerfully, no shocking situations!

Solo Deo Gloria,



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