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I’ve said before that Rwanda’s one of my favorite origins of beans. This morning, I had my second French Press of Rwanda Gkongoro Nyarusiza from a batch roasted on June 5th. That batch was taken to a nice even Full City, 445F or so, and stopped before any significant 2nd crack, if any at all.

This bean, in the past, has proven to be much more difficult to find the sweet spot than some previous Rwanda beans (like the Women’s Cooperative). This one had frequently come out a bit green or raw. The brew the past two days has been wonderful and rich, a fine coffee. I don’t recall any particular flavor elements, but it was a wonderful cup.

One thing to note regarding the two brews was that Saturday’s was a 44g/32oz FP. Today, it was a 54g/32oz FP. The remainder of beans left after measuring out 44g seems to pilfering an amount to leave behind. So, the overwhelming richness was likely due to both proportion and roast. So, I guess my 44g/32oz water will have to be taken lightly!

Solo Deo Gloria,

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5 Responses to Rwanda Coffee

  1. Gerald says:

    Interesting post, Jason. I will certainly look for some Rwanda offerings the next time I order.

    By the way, do you make a full FP every morning? For myself, when I am the only one drinking coffee that morning, I will either make a 20-oz pot or a 25-oz pot. The last few mornings my wife has started drinking coffee with me so I’ve had to make a full 32 ounces each time. That has caused my supply of roasted coffee to dwindle at an alarming rate! I think I may have to start roasting every other day to keep an adequate supply on hand! But I was wondering how you kept enough coffee around? You do most of your roasting on Saturdays, don’t you? Does it take you half a day to roast enough coffee to get through the week?

    Also, have you made any progress with your drum roaster?

  2. javajeb says:

    Yep – my FP is full every morning. After pressing, I pour into a ceramic mug and fill my travel mug. That’s usually about good, depending on the size of the ceramic mug. From what I remember, a FP doesn’t do well making less than it holds. I’ve contemplated getting a smaller one, but never have.

    My roasting usually happens on the weekend, but not this one; it was too hot to try, even in my shop. I usually roast 5 batches that are 100-120 grams per batch. The weighing of each brew creates not only a more consistent brew, but a longer batch life since I’m not overdosing. With 5 ~120g batches, I’ve got 10+ days of beans, typically. My 5 batch roast is usually a bit longer than an hour – a blessing and curse of the WBPI.

    As for the drum, not yet. Life’s been a little crazier than normal the past month, including some increased household work due to a virus and morning sickness.

  3. Gerald says:

    Really!!!! That’s fantastic! That’s wonderful! Yea!! I come from a family of five siblings myself and I love big families (if you can call five children a big family. My mother had eight siblings and thought that about the right size. Unfortunately, miscarriages prevented her from having that many.) This is great news! Congratulations! Hooray!! (Can you tell that I am delighted?) 🙂

    Now, what were we talking about? Oh, just that old coffee stuff. Nothing significant.

    Wow, you’ve turned my day around. I’ve been having a horrible day but now I feel better about the world!

  4. javajeb says:

    Thanks. But with 5, coffee will become a little more significant! I’m not as young as I used to be, so sleepless nights might be a bit rough. We haven’t had a real tough time in the past, but who knows this time around.

  5. Gerald says:

    LOL Yeah, who is as young as they used to be? But you can DO it! I’ve only had about three nights where I got to sleep through the night in the last ten months. Our little boy is a big one and he likes to eat around the clock! But, other than being a little grumpy from lack of sleep occasionally, it doesn’t seem to have hurt me much.

    Trust God for strengthening, patience, forbearance, and let His Holy Spirit lead you in sacrificial giving and you will be fine! Oh, and a little coffee from time to time to pep you up won’t hurt either. 🙂

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