Proportions, Revisited

Something happened to my coffee this morning. I’ve been revisiting the Chemex brewer more lately, mixing between it and my French Press daily. This morning, however, I had only a few beans left, wondering if it would be enough to tip the scale to 44 grams and allow a nice pot o’ java. I emptied both jars (but I’m not sure what the beans were) into the container on the scale, and it dutifully registered the weight – 60 grams.

So, posed with a bit more heft than normal, I ground them all up, poured the resulting grounds into the Chemex and awaited the boiling of water. I poured an initial 16oz of hot water in, and waited. Within an minute to two, I poured the remaining 16oz into the filter. Waited for the brew to complete. When done, decanted all into my two cups. The ceramic mug, I tasted very little thereof. Drank while rushing about the house, finishing the requirements of the day before setting off to work.

It was an hour into my work day before I cracked the stopper on my travel mug. While in a meeting, I indulged. What I found was more flavor than the recent 42-46 gram batches provided. I’m not sure the blend was optimal, but the flavor was better. So, with that, here’s my hunch, perhaps a proposition:

When one is brewing in a filter material, more coffee is required.

Thoughts? I’m going to evaluate this more over the next few days. I’ll try to roast something that does well on short rest tonight, and repeat tomorrow. Anyone want to try as well? If so, post a comment. Or, if you have established proportions, comment as well.

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5 Responses to Proportions, Revisited

  1. Gerald says:

    Jason, I’ve always thought that was the reason Starbucks et al. recommended two tablespoons per 6 ounces for drip brewing their coffees? That might produce a coffee too strong for some, but diluting with a little hot water (or cream) will take care of that. The extra amount of coffee grounds, though, insures that enough of the flavor-filled oils pass through the paper filter to give the brew a chance of tasting good.

    At least, that’s the reason I gave people for using two tablespoons per 6 oz. when I was using a drip brewer. Now, if I could only acquire some Chemex filters so I could experiment along with you.

  2. Gerald says:

    Hey Jason, have you had enough time to make more evaluations?

    We spent Memorial Day with her family and I made coffee that morning in her drip brewer. Remembering your post, I made it quite strong knowing that everyone else would be using a creamer, anyway. The coffee (Sumatra Lintong) was excellent! Full of flavor even from a drip pot!

  3. javajeb says:

    I’m still concentrating on finding and evaluating the brews, using ~44g for FP and ~60 for Chemex. I ran low and did a bit of conservation over the weekend = French Press. I have two roasts of some PNG that I did as a melange this morning in the FP. Tomorrow would be a good test with the Chemex.

    Too bad you’re not closer — we could do a head to head check. I can’t quite drink 64oz of coffee, however.

  4. Gerald says:

    I wish we were closer, too! I’d love doing some coffee cupping/evaluating/experimenting. I also wouldn’t mind checking out your wheat grinder, bread baking skills, Farmer’s market, etc.

  5. Jason,

    Came across the blog today, great stuff. It’s a shame you are so far away, we would love to invite you for a cup of coffee!

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