Fun Lunch

Today was a good lunch. A bit frustrating, but good. I went out and picked up my BBQ grill roaster drum, so I’m that much closer to large capacity roasting! This will be good since I’m doing a pound every couple of weeks for a friend.

What was really cool was the piece of history I got back. When my father died, I pulled a vintage treadle powered grindstone out of the barn – it was my great-great grandfather’s. It had a broken ear on the axle shaft that held a connecting rod to the pedals. That’s now fixed! I just have to fabricate a longer connecting rod on that side – the cause of the break was a rod that was too short. Said rod remains on the grinder. Even though it won’t grind coffee, I still find it terribly useful!


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5 Responses to Fun Lunch

  1. Gerald says:

    Great news, Jason! I’m glad you’ve got that thing fixed! Now what can you sharpen with it? an axe? A hoe? Or shovel?

    And where did your roaster drum come from? Did you fashion it yourself? Is it solid or mesh? Think you’ll get around to using it this weekend?

  2. javajeb says:

    It’ll sharpen anything. I’ve got to fix the pedal works and may end up going the route of a 10 speed gear train to allow various rates or revolution.

    The roaster is an SS container. Grabbed it off the homeroast list. It’s basically solid SS with square holes. I may have to cover/line it with an SS screen to prevent peaberries from falling out. The shop that did the throat weld also welded in the veins. No use scheduled as of yet. I still need a diffuser. I may go back to the machine shop for a piece of 1/4″ steel. I’ve heard that works.

  3. Gerald says:

    Great! I’m looking forward to hearing how it works out as a roaster. It should be a lot of fun to play around with.

    I’m envious of your grinder. When I want to sharpen a tool, I have to bring out a file and actually do manual labor before I even get to the real task of the day. 🙂

  4. Gerald says:

    Jason, how many kinds of tools do you have to work with? I was wondering if you had a router, a lathe, a band saw and a side-press drill?

  5. javajeb says:

    I have all sorts, but don’t use many power tools regularly. I do have a router or two, but I’m not good with them. Skillsaws, tablesaw, radial arm, drill press. If I’m feeling really tough, I could pull out the reciprocating saw and start the remodel!

    I have a lathe bed and head, but that’s it. No motor to drive it yet. I’ll likely use a ten speed bike gearing to drive it on a 4X4 bed plane.

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