Coffee and Life

My roasted stash is low; I must get down and roast more. Life’s been very busy, however, so it’s always harder to get the beans roasted when there’s not enough time. This morning, I had a 12 hour rested Rwanda Gkongoro Nyarusiza. I’ll have to admit, that’s not where this Rwanda shines, unlike some of the others. That’s one reason I’ve always loved them: they do quite well in flavor on a short rest.

On other notes, I was finally able to drop something off to a machine shop for repair and one for finishing. The repair job is on a seriously vintage treadle powered whetstone. It was made, or used, as far as I know, by my one of my great-great grandfathers. It needs a small weld to make it work. The completion is the weld to install the front, open end rod holder for my roasting drum. Maybe pics of both later…

Back to Isaiah – maybe I’ll finish within a month or six weeks. I have to map that out so someone else can step up and teach.

Solo Deo Gloria,

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