Roasting and Reading

My dear, dear bride of almost eleven years gave me a great gift for my recent birthday. Several varied bags of some of SweetMaria’s best! So, last night, I started the roast. Here’s what I whirled around the popper.

** = no longer available. Sorry.
This morning, it was the PNG since it does fairly well on a short rest. All but the first two were roasted last night; the first two are long gone :-). Looking forward to enjoying each of these more through the week.

On reading, I’ve been reading Eugene Peterson’s “Eat This Book”, which emphasizes a reading of scripture more akin to eating – taking in the words and making them part of you for spiritual nourishment. One of the pictures he plays with during the first portion of the book is of a dog enjoying a bone and growling over it in pleasure. That’s the same way, he argues, that we should partake of scripture. It’s been a challenge for me to read and reevaluate my handling of scripture. It’s been humbling and encouraging. Suffice it to say that I’m not where I was with respect to my initial 2008 Bible reading plans. It’s a much slower, deliberate pace.

If you want to check out a review from a competent review and writer, head over here.

Solo Deo Gloria,

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10 Responses to Roasting and Reading

  1. Gerald says:

    Revelation 10:9! Good.

    I am going to have to perform an emergency heat gun roast! Tried what I thought would probably be the best of the two popper roasts today and it was way beyond horrible. I might possibly try another popper roast when I am alone and unhindered by ceaseless chattering. Other than that, I will wait until I am ready to modify these poppers.

  2. Gerald says:

    Have you ever considered whether coffee can be drunk on a day devoted to prayer and fasting?

  3. javajeb says:

    No – never considered that. It would likely not to be very good with fasting. Since the caffeine accelerates metabolic functions and is a diuretic, on a fundamentally empty stomach, it’d be rough.

  4. Gerald says:

    Makes sense.

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