Still Quiet

I’ve been quite here recently due to a very heavy schedule. Fulfilling multiple roles at work, migrating into a new spot, t-ball for our girls, gardening and yard work as well as building a chicken ark have all kept me busy. Most of my recent online time has been spent working on revamping the podcast on our church’s site, as well as integrating an audio player into posts. You can see a test here.

The coffee has been good recently; I’m using the Chemex more and rediscovering it’s charm. I’ve also been reading Eugene Peterson’s “Eat This Book”. which has me rethinking how I handle scripture. I find, as a task oriented fellow, that my scripture reading can all to frequently be a check off for the day’s activities. Peterson bases the title, and premise of the book on Revelation 10 where John hears the angel preaching and is given the scroll to eat. The concept of ingesting scripture, making it part of me, seems to be what I should be about. So, I’ve been slowly revising my activities with respect to scripture. One thing, in particular, and also in conjunction with Sunday’s sermon, is to reread the four Servant Songs of Isaiah as well as the Hymn of Christ in Philippians 2. These are both to reset my focus on the person and work of Christ for me, in my life. Then, maybe, with God’s grace, I can become a little less selfish.

Solo Deo Gloria,

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6 Responses to Still Quiet

  1. Gerald says:

    Test worked on my end.

  2. Gerald says:

    Following your example, I have read those passages again, too. They really can reset your focus upon Christ if you meditate upon them at all. Thanks for the reminder. I have neglected to read much in the Old Testament this year, but I need to correct that.

  3. javajeb says:

    Glad it was an encouragement. And checking out the test post.

  4. Gerald says:

    Jason, I was in our local grocery last night and happened to run across a filter basket called the Perma-brew. Plastic and nylon. Description said it was good for most all drip and percolator coffee makers and was also good for use with a Chemex. Price was $3.99.

    I was tempted to get one last night since I still haven’t found Chemex filters in any local stores. Wondered, though, if you had seen these filters and what you thought of them. Claims they are good for three years which would certainly make them a lot cheaper than Chemex filters!

  5. javajeb says:

    I’ve never used that particular kind. I’ve used the metallic mesh types. If I may opine, you would get something more akin to a FP in that since you would have more oils transfer into the brew. It may make a great cup, but it wouldn’t be the Chemex. In actuality, the Chemex’s magic is the filter – the vessel is just nice to behold!

  6. Gerald says:

    All rightey! Maybe I will contact some of the area coffee roasters and see if they know where the filters might be purchased.

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