Sunday afternoon, while the kids were playing in the yard, I ducked into the workshop and roasted several batches, including a Kenya, Rwanda, and a bit more Liberica. The Rwanda Gkongoro Nyarusiza was roasted up to a Full City, around 445F in a WBP1. I brewed up a 32 oz French Press with 44 grams of beans. The result? Incredible! Tom makes this note in the review:

The cup has sweet and sour Mandarin notes, fading into a good coffee-flavor bittersweetness. Coffee flavor? In coffee? Sometimes it is difficult to describe the pleasant bitterness of coffee in terms of other things (most often, bittersweet notes in chocolate). But sometimes the tangy bittersweets seem to refer to no other flavor but coffee itself.

That about sums it up: an incredible coffee flavored coffee.  I enjoyed the cup so much that I don’t even recall the flavors.  This bodes well for Tom – it’s got to be a repeat buy, before it runs out.

Solo Deo Gloria,


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3 Responses to Rwanda

  1. Gerald says:

    That sounds great! I will need to include some of that in my next order which I hope will be soon since I’ve just won a Chemex on ebay and will need filters for it.

    I am wanting to start measuring the temperature of my roast now that other heat gunners are giving it a try with an instant read infrared thermometer. Just hard to let go of $30 when there are so many other things we need. Someday, though . .

    Last night our pastor’s wife asked me to roast some coffees for our guest preacher who is leading our revival this week. I guess I will give him six ounces of three different coffees to take home with him.

  2. javajeb says:

    Cool on the roasting. We need an IR heat thermometer for bread, but it’d come in handy on roasts and brews as well.

    Good luck with the Chemex. They rock! I haven’t pulled mine our recently since I’ve been playing with brewing proportions with the FP. But I need to.

  3. Gerald says:

    Ah, good selling points to use on my wife! Thanks.

    The Chemex is to be used to brew coffee for the church–either for special occcasions or for Sundays, but of course I will have to ‘play with it’ quite a bit at home so that I will be proficient with it. 🙂

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