44 grams

Well, I’ve been asked, and as of this morning, I have an answer.

I ground my 44 grams of Ethiopia FTO Oromia and scooped them out due to a bit of static. It was 6+ 5+ coffee scoops, which are 2 tablespoons. So, about 12-13 10-11 tablespoons for a 32 oz French Press. That’s the rough guide.

If you try it yourself, drop a comment to see how it tastes.

Solo Deo Gloria,



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  1. Gerald says:

    Do you step back on the grind setting when switching to the Chemex? I noticed a grinder on Craigslist the other day that had grind settings marked for each brewing method, including Chemex. The Chemex setting was one click finer than the French Press.

  2. javajeb says:

    It’s been so long, I can’t remember. As for CL, was it a local one for you? I keep looking for coffee stuff in my region, but there’s little to be had here.

  3. Gerald says:

    Short-term memory loss, eh? You’d better watch that and not let it get the best of you. 🙂

    Yes, it was on a local list–Craigslist Austin. You’d could probably find that grinder if you wanted to see it. It was part of a failed coffee house, cafe, etc. Seems that several have failed in Austin recently as there were about three different listings. Grinder actually looked a lot like my Proline, except that it was much taller.


  4. javajeb says:

    There are always coffee shops in a nearby city, but they’re being sold as lots, so there’s nothing terribly accessible for me.

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