We’re back after a bouncing week.  We celebrated many birthdays, including the first for a leap-day four year old (or is that a one year old, finally?).  We were in Williamsburg, but the weather was less than cooperative in doing much.  We were tentatively planning on heading to either Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown, or Yorktown.  But, with temps in the mid 40s for highs, and high winds, it didn’t make for good weather for outdoor activities.

I took along my default travel kit: the AeroPress, the Knee Mill, my Nisan-Thermos travel mug, and some beans.  When I brewed, it was wonderful.  I don’t regularly use the AP, so the brews are always surprising.  I’m not even sure what I had on Saturday (the only day I brewed), but it was quite nice, either a Rwanda or a Bali.  Both are incredible beans, full of flavor and flexibility.

Still waiting for any news on the potential of relocating…And still trying to decide what the Lord is showing us.  In time, I am certain, it will be clear.  But the wait…  I guess I need to enjoy the coffee while I wait.

Solo Deo Gloria,


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  2. Gerald says:

    I’d read about all the birthdays coming up on another blog. What a celebration you guys must have had! Sorry to hear, though, that the weather did not cooperate. I hope you were able to have some fun, anyway.

    We’ve also got high winds today, but temperatures in the 70’s.

    Your leap-year birthday celebration reminds me that one of my five-year-olds favorite movies is “Pirates of Penzance” and her favorite line from that movie is “I am a little boy of five.” (sung by Frederick who has just realized that, technically, he is not yet 21 and so freed from his indentured-ness to the Pirates of Penzance.

    I was reading on the home barista web page about their Titan Grinder project when I saw mention of my current grinder-the KitchenAid Proline. One member was proudly telling the others he had a Proline, etc. However, the others on the forum jumped all over the KitchenAid and said it in no way could be considered a good grinder. Even talked the once-proud KitchenAid owner into saying he would get a higher-end grinder. Had me feeling badly about my grinder, too, and wondering if I also needed an upgrade. Started searching the ‘net, though, and found many, many satisfied Pro line users. Reminded me that I, too, am a very satisfied owner. Good thing, too, because I can’t afford a better grinder at the moment. 🙂

    I guess I am going to have to get some of the Bali if it lasts long enough. The Lintong I have is good, but is not living up to my expectations.

    I hope your wait for an answer will be a relatively short one. Whatever the answer, I know it will be a good one! (And drinking good coffee while waiting certainly won’t hurt a thing!)

  3. Gerald says:

    Hey, you’ve been holding back on me! So, your name is really Dexter? Hmmmm, Okay, I guess I would have kept that a secret, too. 🙂

    (I’m kidding, of course.)

  4. javajeb says:

    No, that’s some pingback to me on the post. It’s basically a scraping of the post which WP interpreted as spam or rather spammy tasting. I went ahead and let it through – it’s a travel site and I got picked up, I suppose, because it was regarding traveling.

  5. Gerald says:

    You’ve been pretty quiet. Wondered if you might be packing boxes?

  6. javajeb says:

    No packing boxes. We’re staying for now. It’s just been very, very busy at work, down one man.

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