Ground Coffee Proportions, Again

This morning, down to my last jar of roasted coffee, I had a Kenya AA Nyeri – Gachatha roasted to a City+ two weeks ago.  Not sure why it had been left, but it had.  I weighed out the beans and they came to 62g.  Since I’ve been finding the sweet spot to be 44g, I didn’t want 18g left hanging around; I’m not regularly using any other method that produces smaller quantities of coffee.  So, I figured that I would have a slightly strong brew in the French Press, but it was nice.  The over-rested beans had probably started to loose some of their flavor, so I wasn’t too worried.

The result:  a nice, bright, but not overpowering cup that had plenty of flavor.  Slightly past it’s prime, but wasn’t overly bright either.  I’m not planning on regularly using 60+ grams of beans, but this one off was nice.

Well, my task tonight is to replenish my stash of roasted.  Probably a Peru, Bali and Rwanda.  The Rwanda does great on short rest; the Bali is fabulous after about 3 days rest and the Peru, I haven’t used too much yet.

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  1. burtonridr2 says:

    Hmm I usualy just go by the scoop or guestimate the amount of coffee beans 🙂


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