Ground Coffee Proportions

After following a thread on the HomeRoaster’s list regarding proportion of coffee in your brew, I started following what one lister mentioned: 40g coffee in a large French Press (8 tasse).  His, I think, was a bit larger.  So, I’ve been doing it – pulling out the digital scale and weighing the whole bean.  But the flavor has been weak.  I’ll hold reserve on final judgment, it may be due to allergies at the moment.

But this morning, I kicked up the 3 day rest Rwanda Kinunu Bourbon to 46g for an 8 T FP.   The flavor on a 3-3.5 minute brew was fabulous!  The overall flavor was much more present and full, but it may have been a bit over the top.  I think tomorrow, I’ll try and split the difference, maybe 43-44g.

So, how much ground coffee do you use to make a pot?

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4 Responses to Ground Coffee Proportions

  1. I only make one cup at a time but use approx. 10-10.5g for 7 oz.

    Of course the grind level affects all this.

    Tom from Sweet Maria’s recommends using a finer grind, more like a drip grind and shorter steep time for French press than what is conventional.

  2. I always forget to sign my name which is Jeff.

  3. javajeb says:

    I’ve been playing a bit with my grind for a while, but it’s probably a bit on the coarse side now.

    So, another option may be to grind finer tomorrow with 40g. I’ll try one of the two and post back on results.

    Thanks for the reminder – I’ve been meaning to look more at my grind setting.

  4. I like about 28 grams for a 0.5 liter (17 oz) press, ground pretty fine, 2.5 minute steep. I use a Koffee Kozee from to keep it warm for the 30 minutes it takes me to consume the press.

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