Life is Dynamic!

Even without computers, life is always dynamic, changing. There’s much goings ons in the realm of javajeb, so I’ve been a bit quiet recently.

On the java front: another order arrived yesterday. I was able to roast my first Bali coffee and some Peruvian.

We’re planning and prepping for the garden this year, selecting more drought resistant veggies, or those with shorter growing seasons. Maybe, if the Lord sends more rain this year, we’ll have two or more cycles of some.

I’ve also started to create a cover for my 4X6 Miquelrius notebook (more here) out of some leather that’s been passing down through the family for over half a century. I’ve made the cuts, now I just have to find time to stitch them together. The plan is that this will be a starting run for a new planner cover.

And I’m also finishing up things for preaching this coming Sunday. I’ll post a link soon.

Here’s the snippet for Sunday.

Solo Deo Gloria,



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10 Responses to Life is Dynamic!

  1. jlyon10 says:

    Isn’t home roasting fun. I really enjoy this great hobby and you get the freshest tasting coffee and you get to try coffee from all over the world.

  2. javajeb says:

    jlyon10 – I don’t think I could even go back to anything but. thanks for dropping in.

  3. jlyon10 says:

    I know what you mean. Anything else tastes so blah.

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