A Blend Result

In a word, it was a non-event.  This morning, I grabbed the jar with the Cameroon-Java Monsooned blend.  Ground and pressed; it did, however, steep a bit longer than normal.  I generally steep my FP for about 2:30, but this went closer to 4 minutes.  Managing child feeding, lunch packing and coffee making isn’t the easiest morning activity in the world.  The cup was nice, but fairly blah.  Maybe it’s due to a lack of sleep and the only semi-conscious state I was in.  But, as for now, it’s a no repeat.  I do have some left over that I will try.  If it’s better, maybe I’ll reevaluate.

But as for now, the Cameroon-Java Monsooned blend isn’t a great one.

Solo Deo Gloria,



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8 Responses to A Blend Result

  1. javajeb says:

    Over the handblown for church use may be a vintage Pyrex one. They used to make them out of the durable stuff, but quit some time ago. And you know how tough Pyrex is, even tougher than the borosilicate that Bodum uses. Which equals durability, even with abuse!

  2. Gerald says:

    Thanks! I didn’t know that. I just remembered that Tom had said the handblown ones seemed to be made even more durable than the machine made. That changes everything because I did see some Pyrex pots for auction that were even cheaper.

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