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Well, last night was my roasting night.  Of the five batches, I had two beans that weren’t actually enough for a stable roast.  If you’ve never roasted in a popper, too little bean mass is a concern in addition to the overloaded roast.  The results are opposite: too little = too fast and flatter tastes;  overloaded = burnt beans, uneven roast overall.

So, I had to pad the Cameroon Caplami Java with something.  I looked, and I had a bit of the Java Monsooned Arabica.  Roasted it up to a Full City, just under or a few snaps into second.  The other blend was some Mexico Chiapas with some Tanzania AAA Songea.  That was roasted to a City+, a bit lighter than the former.  We’ll see what they’re like in a few days.  This morning was the Rwanda Kinunu, which is a wonderful, easy, full bodied cup, no matter the roast and rest levels.  Such a bean as this is why I’m loving all the African varieties.

On other items, shortly, I hope to cover up my Miquelrius notebook, mentioned formerly here. I have a small supply of leather that’s a few generations old.  I’ve been moisturizing a couple of sheets with hopes to use them.  My first test drive will be for something like this.  It’ll be nice to try, and use something bought by a great-great grandfather.  Then, I’ll move to build a replacement for my Lee Valley Portable Office.  The vinyl cover is starting to wear.  And it would be way cooler to carry the homemade leather version!

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