Reading Scripture in the New Year

Let’s face it, we have too little time, or so it seems. There are constantly things vying to push other things to the bottom of the stack, where they’re oft forgotten. One of them is the habit of reading scripture. Since the opening of 2008, I’ve had my normal schedule disrupted about four of the whole 9 days. It can be discouraging, disheartening, and a habit killer. I’ve tried my best to push through, catching up on the reading when I can.

That’s where this post is heading – keeping up. What I’ve found to be an invaluable tool now to keep up is the ESV’s feeds of various reading plans. It happens that I’m using the one in the back of my Journaling Bible, and I’ve setup the feed in my iGoogle site. So, if I can’t read one morning, or can’t finish, at lunch, I open up the feed and read. If I’ve read, I click on the feed and close it, triggering it to disappear as read. So, I have the facility, where connected, to keep up with my reading, as well as keeping track of where I am. I can see that, so far, by whatever means, I’ve read through all the readings so far this year.

Satan quickly swoops in when we fail, but so far, this accommodation is helping me stay rooted in scripture. It runs counter to one trait of developing the habit of reading scripture: read at the same time, in the same place each day. Now, with a busy life, I’m redeeming what time I have, staying in the word.

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  1. Paul S. says:

    This is a great idea. The ESV folks are always coming up with innovative and creative ideas. Thanks for the heads up, I have already added it to my “” page.


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