Christmas Roasting?

Anyone doing anything special for your Christmas roasting?  I’ll be roasting some tonight.  We have a small get together over the weekend and I’ll need to supply my own.  But what respectable homeroaster doesn’t have a travel kit?

I’m not certain what I’ll roast.  All I have left is mostly African beans, which is not a bad thing at all.  It’s amazing the differences you get from that one continent where it all started!  From the blueberry rustic beans of Ethiopia to the citrus brightness of Kenya and her share of Mt Eglon to the earthiness of Rwanda and Uganda and the slightly spicier Congo.  Great stuff!

May your Christmas be bright and your coffee hot and marvelous!   And may the brightness of that first Christmas star be on your heart.

Solo Deo Gloria,



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2 Responses to Christmas Roasting?

  1. I have some IMV that is from a different lot than what Sweet Maria’s had last year. It’s more earthy and tastes like a Harar with berry notes. I have a third of that blended with two thirds Lekempti which is sort of similar but cleaner. The two go great together. This is the last of my/this IMV so it’s gone for good but I look forward to Sweet Maria’s current IMV in 2008.

    Hope you have a nice Christmas.

  2. Gerald says:

    I roasted some of the Kochere Yirgacheffe for every day use, but also roasted the Kenya Kithungururu (from last year’s crop) as the special coffee for Christmas Day. It is still my favorite coffee ever! Absolutely the most complex coffee I’ve ever tasted.

    My computer-sharp brother-in-law has been here all day and that is the only reason I’ve been able to get onto the internet. May not happen again after he leaves. 😦 He says the problem might be that I’ve downloaded something that is making an internet connection difficult so I’m going to try to find a Restore point that will once again allow me to use the internet.

    But enough of that, I hope that your Christmas was a wonderful celebration of God’s gift to the world so many years ago. We truly enjoyed the day are grateful to God for the grace He has bestowed on us.

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