Thoroughly Rested Anokhi

Well, yesterday morning, I had a 5 day rested Anokhi Liberica waiting.  So, I dutifully ground the beans in my Zass Knee Mill and brewed in the Chemex.

Thoughts?  Fruity, unlike almost anything I’ve ever had.  There was sweetness there as well.  The fruit was so intense, it was like dried fruit, somewhat blueberry-ish.  Looking back at the homeroast list email I had, someone identified as huckleberry.  So, I was close and I’d likely agree, though I’ve never partaken of huckleberry.  The only other comparison I can come up with is a smell from the fake, plastic worm fish lures.  That’s similar to the taste I had.

The bottom line is this: I’m glad I only grabbed 1 pound.  I’m likely to only brew via Aeropress for the rest, reserving it for only small quantities.  I can drink a cup or so, but no more.  It’s too sweet, too rich.  It’s been fun to play with, however.  Maybe I’ll experiment some more and try it darker – this roast was City or City+.

Solo Deo Gloria,



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3 Responses to Thoroughly Rested Anokhi

  1. Gerald says:

    Great description, Jason! Sounds like a truly fascinating coffee. If offered for three dollars a pound, I might give it a try myself. 🙂

    Seriously, this is what I love about homeroasting–experimenting with new coffees, new techniques, new brewing methods, new taste sensations. It’s all great fun (even when a new coffee doesn’t become a big favorite)!

  2. javajeb says:

    Thanks. No matter that I’ve dumped out a decent bit of the last two batches, it’s not a real downer. I’m always glad to find new flavors. The fact this came from a non-standard coffee plant was what really interested me. It just goes to show that, despite the many species of coffee, coffea arabica is the best!

  3. Gerald says:

    Yes, it is!

    I roasted another pint-sized jar of the Indian Tree-dried natural today. I want to try it one more time before I place my next order. May order two more pounds or even five more pounds- it was very good the first time around!

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