Orange Bourbon

This morning, the roulette wheel of coffee landed on the El Salvador Orange Bourbon Cultivar.  In the rush of the morning, I didn’t mentally note the flavor very much, but did note that it was quite pleasing.  Reading Tom’s review, I think it’s spot on.  I can’t recall the fine flavor notes, but the overall cup quality was there – round, smooth, pleasing.  The coffee rested for three days and was brewed in the Chemex.  I’d be interested to taste it in the AP or the FP.  I can’t recall the roast degree, but it was probably City+ to Full City, stopping around 440F.

Also, be aware, as of now, any of my temp measures are with a thermometer measuring ambient roast chamber temp, not bean temp.  So, at 440F, there’s a bit lower bean temp.

On recalling taste, I may have just found the greatest asset therefore.  Look here first.  Now, pick up a Moleskine Address book, pocket sized.  Record based on country of origin.  So, this morning, it would have been E for El Salvador.  A couple of lines for flavor thoughts, back in the bag or pocket, awaiting for tomorrow.

Enjoy the coffee!

Solo Deo Gloria,


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  2. Gerald says:

    That sounds handy and convenient. Great way to keep track of your taste impressions for various coffees–if you can keep track of the notebook (which would be my trouble).

    Before I forget, let me wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving, Jason. Especially to the birthday boy! I was thinking about him last night wondering how his first year went. You don’t use your blog to post any of the milestones he achieves (probably a good thing, too) such as when he started crawling or walking, and especially, whose name did he say first? Da-da or Ma ma? 🙂

  3. javajeb says:

    I have no idea. His first, more concretely verifiable word seems to be associated with his bottle. Gotta love a guy who knows his food and drink already. In fact, he has developed a discerning palate already: there are these little Gerber puffs (star shaped) he eats. Currently, we have cherry and apple cinnamon. The apple cinnamon lasts for one bite – the rest to the floor! The cherry, not one hits the floor. He knows what he wants!

    Amazingly enough, he loves to eat apples. We’ve been cooking/saucing bulk apples for a while now – they’re in boxes in the floor. On more than one occasion, we’ve found him with apples that have small chunks out of them. No fake apples for him now!

  4. Gerald says:

    LOL He does seem to have a discerning palate! He might even be doing quality control checks on the apples you bought to make sure they are acceptable for Brooks’ use. I keep telling my little boy (four months old today) that it won’t be long before he gets to try some of this coffee in his bottle mixed in with his milk. Horrifies his mother, but I’m joking, of course. 🙂

    Your story reminds me of a similar one with my daughter. When she was about the same age but still crawling, we found her one day beneath the dining room table with her face buried in a large naval orange she had discovered there. She was going at it with gusto, peeling and all. We brought her out from under the table and held her while she ate the rest of it. Her face was covered with orange pulp but that was apparently a very enjoyable orange for her. I don’t think she’s ever liked oranges quite as much as she liked that first one.

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