Liberica Thoughts

First off, here‘s the thread on the Anokhi Liberica at Sweet Maria’s blog.

My thoughts and findings:

– First, I accidentally drank the Liberica on Wednesday; I mislabeled my jar!  For reference, it was brewed in a Chemex.

– That cup was very unusual.  The flavor changes were beyond anything I’ve ever had.  The initial cup at home was good, somewhat bright.  I didn’t record my thoughts, so I can’t remember much now.

– As the cup cooled, I found the coffee that particular morning undrinkable.  There was an element that was too strong that day.  I can’t solidly blame it on the coffee either – we’ve had bugs crawling through everyone at home, so I’m not sure I was 100%.  All I know is that I couldn’t drink the cup – left about half of my 16oz travel mug.

– This morning, I had a blend of the Anokhi with a 50/50 blend Colombia and Kenyan.  The Anokhi made up about 60%-75% of the total bean mass in the grinder/brewer.  Once again, it was in a Chemex.  What I’ve found today, however, is that the overly strong element that was problematic on Wednesday is discernible, but muted.  The net effect is that the coffee is nice, balanced, and somewhat sweetly bright.

– Will I try it again straight?  Yes.  I’ll probably roast it darker next time, however.  It’ll probably be a while before I roast it again as well.  In all this, I didn’t overtly detect anything like the barnyards I’ve been in.  Maybe I’ve been in the wrong ones. 🙂

The coffee experience is still fun, even if not perfectly pleasant.

Solo Deo Gloria,


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5 Responses to Liberica Thoughts

  1. Gerald says:

    Interesting. But are you sure you want to go darker? Didn’t Tom write something about the darker roasts tasting medicine-y?

  2. Gerald says:

    Just read Tom’s blog by using your link to it. Tom says that the Liberica does better with a light roast but with a LONG resting period.

  3. javajeb says:

    Good catch. I’ll have to roast some more, properly label my jar, and let it set. I’ll likely roast today or tomorrow for next week, so I may get some more in the offing. But there’s so many others!
    I’m excited to try the Orange Bourbon, the Cameroon, and to revisit a slightly different Rwanda. Not to mention the Mexico Chipas and Ethipia FTO Harar Trabocca Oromia! I may have to sneak another jar down!

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  5. Gerald says:

    Mexico Chiapas? That’s another one I’m considering ordering! I’ve got to remember not to forget to visit your blog. 🙂

    I especially hope the Liberica works out well for you.

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