I was surprised a day early by the folks in brown – my 13# of coffee was waiting for me when I arrived at home.  And amongst the 7 bags was a 1 pounder of the rare India Anokhi Liberica.  I’ve been highly interested in this one since Tom offered it and I’m thankful it’s survived this long.  Holding the youngest, I opened the box and started looking through the bags.  The Liberica was easy to pick out amongst the 2 pounders.  Looking more closely, I saw what amazed me.  Green coffee is usually fairly monochromatic.  Varieties range from deep browns in Indonesia, to khaki for monsooned coffees, sandy colors from Yemen, and vibrant, but light greenish grey from many others.  The Liberica beans varied from a khaki-like color to the greenish-grey of many, but then it also had an amazing jade shade.  I was amazed!

After the kids were off to bed, I took the beans to the workshop with my roasting log and 1 empty pint jar.  I put all the other beans away, holding the Liberica for roasting.  The beans are incredibly small, which worried me.  I’ve had peaberry issues in a popper before.  But I plunged on.

I slit the tape off the bag top and immediately had the distinctive smell of lime.  Nice!  I dropped them into the running WBP1 and watched carefully as I added, making sure not to over fill.  No stalls and the roasting was underway.  My target, after reading SM’s label, was Full City, which is usually around 430F on my thermometer.  I missed a bit high, stopping at 440F, but hearing no second crack.  What I did notice was chaff.  Some of the jade green was actually chaff.  Interesting.  And chaffy, it was.  I ended up with chaff everywhere, even on me, as I agitated the beans.

Well, now it’s a waiting game.  I’m going to shoot for a brew on Friday, maybe Saturday.  We’ll see then.

Another little project I’m working on in the mean time is to recondition some old leather I have.  You can see some pics her, but be forewarned: the lighting was poor, so the detail is limited.  A description of my goal is here.

Solo Deo Gloria,



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8 Responses to Liberica!

  1. IMV is one of the best I drank last year. I’m partial to DP Ethiopia and Yemen. But he gives it a very high score of 90.2 and I think it would be even higher if it had more body. Not that it needs more but you could add a Java Djampit for that.

    It’s a very special bean and to have it be that good two years in a row is pretty unusual. Who knows what it will be like next year.

  2. Gerald says:

    Good point! I’ve got to wait a couple of weeks to make that next order. Hopefully, it will still be there.

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