A New Project

First off, I’m not a coder. I do work in IT and have done some perl hacking in the past. I’m working on brushing up my perl skills and learning more of the language. So, here’s my proposition:

I’ve been using, off and on for years, a really solid method of scripture memorization. You can read more here. The basis of it’s success is review, constant review. I’ve been taking advantage of the good folks at Crossway’s web services for the ESV. In short, they, their services and translation rock! So, here’s what I’m doing:

I’ve started a small perl script that will prompt you for a passage, query the web service and write that to a file. My to do list is to parse the return, store it in a flat file database and develop the algorithms for review. Here’s what I have so far:

use LWP::Simple;

use LWP::UserAgent;

require HTML::LinkExtor;

use URI::URL;

use DBD::CSV;

open(OUT, ">scripture.html") || warn "Couldn't open file!!!"; print "What scripture passage? \n";

chomp (my $passage = <STDIN>);

my $key = "IP"; my $tabel = "scripture";

$options = "action=doPassageQuery&include-verse-numbers=false";

my $output = get("http://www.esvapi.org/v2/rest/passageQuery?key=$key&passage=$passage&include-headings=false");

print OUT $output ;

I’ve also started with the DB scripts, but they’re a bit rough. What I’m going to be working on next is parsing the return from the web query, $output above, to strip some extraneous stuff, and break the return up for storage. The idea is to be able to write the scripture text, the book, chapter and verse all to independent fields in the table. There will be an id field that will be the primary key.

So, if you know perl, have a desire to build a little app that will hopefully honor God and help to build up fellow Christians, leave a comment and we’ll collaborate.

Solo Deo Gloria,



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  1. javajeb says:

    I would freely offer it out if I can get it to work as I envision. And yes, perl can run standalone or with a perl interpreter as a script. It could feasibly be modded into a web process as well (perl does almost everything).

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