Ahh, the Sweetness

I ground and brewed some Indian Mallali Estate Tree-Dried Natural this morning in the Chemex.  As I drank, while running about the house, I had to pause and muse over the sweetness of this bean.  Too bad I didn’t order more of it recently.

We had family in for the night, so I brewed a good bit.  Before I headed out the door, I brewed more, just in case.  I actually left it brewing, a thermal carafe standing by.  Don’t know what this one was like, but I was intrigued of the Mallali  Estate and some Monsooned Java Arabica.  Hopefully it was nice!  I’ve not been as pleased with the Java Monsooned as I am with it’s Indian cousin (which I ordered recently).

Nothing more for now, save to head home and maybe roast before the family gets back.

Solo Deo Gloria,



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