Life Busy?

November Giveaway

Since I’ve been blathering on about planners, this is a nice hitch. We’re all, pretty much, busy. It’s hard, nay, almost impossible, to spend significant time reading God’s word. It’s something I strive for, something I encourage when I teach and preach, when I converse. I’ve heard my pastor sign the praises of his iPod and audio scripture. So, here’s your chance at something cool for free. Head over here and sign up to win the ESV Listener’s Bible or a copy of The Classics of the Christian Faith, both from the Fellowship for the Performing Arts. If you register, be sure and tell him I sent you.

Solo Deo Gloria,


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6 Responses to Life Busy?

  1. Gerald says:

    Max Mclean is by far and away my favorite Bible reader out there so I entered the contest at once using your link and userid. If I don’t win, I hope you do. 🙂

  2. javajeb says:

    Yes, I’d agree, he is. I’d loved him as Aslan in the Focus on the Family production of the Chronicles of Narnia. David Suchet just wasn’t right to my ears.

    Good providence in the draw!

  3. Thanks for the heads up.

    I mainly want to say Hi. Like you I’m into theology, blogging and homeroasting coffee.

  4. javajeb says:

    I checked you blog scripturezealot. Do you blog about your homeroasting? Curious…

  5. I don’t blog about homeroasting. I also have another blog Suffering Christians and participate on the Sweet Maria’s mailing list and Green Coffee Buying Club. That keeps me busy as far as online stuff.

  6. javajeb says:

    Thanks for the reply. I’m going to check both out. Enjoyed poking around you’re first one I found.

    Yep – the HR list can keep one busy.

    Grace & Peace to you

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