Coffee, Planning, etc

Well, first off, I had a wonderful cup this morning.  It was a post-roast blend of predominantly some of the Indian Mallali “Tree-Dried Natural” and a wee bit of something else, which I’ve forgotten what it was.  I’ll have to look back in my roasting log to see.  Still finishing up the vacation roasting; should be gone tomorrow, which means Friday night roasting for the weekend.  Probably just enough for Saturday and Sunday, with more roasting on either day.

I learned a significant lesson about water while on vacation: if it doesn’t taste right, the coffee won’t either.  You see, I have a well that gives us fine water.  Never any taste.  It’s clear and wonderful.  So, I’ve taken it for granted.  The water in the region of PA where we were was, to describe, cottony.  That is to say, there seemed to be some after-drinking residue that made the mouth feel, well, cottony.  The coffee was consistently lack-luster and bland.  All our bottled water was going to either the baby’s bottle or for traveling water.  Other than that, the trip was a great time of fellowship and rest.  We saw some good sights as well as having a restful time.  Maybe I’ll say more later.

On the planner front, I’m almost ready to print.  I picked up some 24# paper today since 20# paper won’t stand up well to the rigors of living in a circa system.  The little tabs that hold them on the rings tend to collapse.  I’ve re-merged the file again, which was easy this time.  I had missed inserting the week number, which is essential when you use a Harvard, and is time-saving to boot.  I’m going to peruse the completed pdf and see how it looks.  If alls good, I’ll print by Monday, when I can then have it cut.  Then, the punch-a-thon begins!

Maybe, once I complete the assembly, I’ll post a pic and link here.  We’ll see.

For many, building your own planner sounds strange, I know.  But, with all I seem to be involved with, I need to carefully manage my time, so that, with my time, I honor God.  There is no honor teaching and preaching in the church when family suffers.  The planner has helped to make me more diligent; now for the energy to keep it all up.

Solo Deo Gloria,



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3 Responses to Coffee, Planning, etc

  1. Jan says:

    I think you have to look at designing your own planner as an investment. Once you have done it and tweaked it, going forward it is just maintenance and it works for all of you. Every family just has their own style of what works. Ours is a centralized google calendar with a whiteboard list at home 🙂 Not as pretty or as classy 🙂 I haven’t tried the tree dried yet, but I may just have to. Good luck with the final building of the planner!!

  2. javajeb says:

    I might have to give the white board approach a try. Both DW and I have gmail accounts, so we could do it without much trouble. That, with more ‘sensitive’ stuff reserved for the whiteboard. You must forgive me, but I’m not a big truster of google. Just check this story out, and it surely is fiction. But it’s a wake-up piece.

  3. Jan says:

    Oh I agree whole heartedly, anything sensitive should not be out there on any internet based calendar. But the to-do lists prioritized by date and need posted in the kitchen on a white board helps keep us both working towards the same goal. The calendar is more of a generic blocked time don’t promise it away thing.

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