Blending, yet again

Last night, I was due for a roasting session.  I only had a bit, approximately two scoops of a Tanzania left.  So, I went down to the workshop, and dug through my meager stash.  Ended up with a Nicaragua FTO Esteli Miraflor Co-Op and a Brazil FTO Poco Fundo.  The former, roasted to a city+, slightly past the conclusion of 1st crack, around 435F.  The Brazil I took to around 450F.

This morning, I took the Tanzania and the Nicaragua, tossed them in the Cory grinder and ground for the Chemex.  Wow!  Great, full body flavor with the typical high notes of the Central.  The blend was about 40 Tanzania/60 Nicaragua.

Additionally last night, we made granola, unsweetened applesauce and the DW started some sweet potato butter and dough for bread.

A good night for all!

Solo Deo Gloria,


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5 Responses to Blending, yet again

  1. Gerald says:

    Jason, one of these days I’m going to have to get you to take me through a typical week at the Brooks’ household. Start say, on a Sunday morning and go through to Saturday night. I have trouble believing there are enough hours in a week for your family to do all the things it does; grind its’ own wheat, make it’s own bread, granola, applesauce,and sweet potato butter,roast coffee, keep a vegetable garden and homeschool the children! And all that with an 11-month old to care for! I am amazed and very impressed!

  2. javajeb says:

    If you ask me to account, I may have a break-down 😉

  3. Gerald says:

    Ah, I don’t want that! Oh well, maybe I could settle for knowing why you are grinding your own wheat and making your own breads? I sometimes think I might know, but am really only guessing.

  4. javajeb says:

    Grinding your own wheat is more nutritious, tastes better, and is healthier. The latter is particularly true with respect to allergies. For some good info, check this out.
    The “Enriching” article is particularly eye-opening.

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