On Childer and Maladies

(With a HT to the Credenda boys for the title)

If you have children, you might want to check this out, especially if they have ear infections.  My DW sent this over to me.  You can get one for free, so investigate.  If we net one, either she or I will let folks know about it.

Compounders of P&M Dermasalve are giving away 6 Free Dr.Mom Otoscopes . Click HERE for details.

Solo Deo Gloria,


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One Response to On Childer and Maladies

  1. Gerald says:

    Were you successful in getting one of the otoscopes? Hope so.

    Ear infections are rather mysterious to me. Our daughter has never had one, yet one of her best friends has had them more than a dozen times, I’m sure. Don’t know what the difference is. Different sized ear canals, perhaps?

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