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After returning home from Boston with my Aeropress earlier this month, I’ve not actually used it much, if at all, since.  In  a house with children to feed, breakfast to make, work to tend to, and daily Scripture/prayer time, it’s hard to spend a great deal of time making individual cups of coffee, no matter the quality.  My usual days are accompanied by either French Press or Chemex brewed coffee.

However, we’re back on the road this weekend, all of us, and the AP is heading along as well.  I’ll also have my Zass Knee Mill and two batches of coffee: the Tanzania NgoroNgoro Convent and Tanzania AAA Songea Flatbean.  Both are fabulous coffees, and I’m about out of both.  I’ll be interested to see how they fare as AP’d beans.

As for the beans, they were both roasted last night to a Full City roast.  The NgoroNgoro went first, stopping just short of 2nd crack.  The AAA Songea was second.  I inadvertently overloaded the popper and had to dump some out and the only place to dump them was the cooling NgoroNgoro.  So, while the Songea was roasting and the NgoroNgoro was cooling, I was picking out green beans.  So, the Songea ended up going a bit farther than I would have liked, but not too bad.  We’ll see how it is.

This morning, I had the last of the Colombia from the Roasting Demo on Saturday.  It’s been good, but I’m ready for a change after drinking Colombia for a week.

Off to the Potato Festival!

Solo Deo Gloria,


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