When you’re a paedo-baptized padeo-baptist living in a believer’s baptism world, sometimes, you can feel kinda left out. It first started for me, at least the current spate, when I read of the controversy brewing in the blogosphere via Adrian Warnock. If you haven’t kept up here, this one centered on the question of whether some prominent Baptist leaders would allow some paedo-baptized Reformed folks at the Lord’s table in their church (there’s a good, blow by blow summary here.

Well, this past Sunday, it was a glorious baptism day at our church. I’m joyful to see several young folks step forward and honor God through Baptism. The event, whether padeo- or believer’s, is always joyful. For me, the sermon surrounding a believer’s baptismal service can be less than comforting. Many would understand this who’ve been in similar situations where theological distinctives are different.

So, today I was encouraged to see this. If you’re a Reformed Christian of any stripe, check out Living Text. It’s encouraging, for certain.

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  1. joelmartin says:

    Umm, thanks so much, but the second link is the same as the first one! Joel

  2. javajeb says:

    Thanks Joel. Fixed now.

    Buggerd clipboard!


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