Homeroasting Prep

Last night, while roasting some Brazil and Ethiopia FTO Yirgacheffe, I worked on roaster mods for the weekend demo. First, I used some metallic window screen and fashioned a chaff collector. Tested it with a blend of Panama and PNG. While there was very little chaff, it caught a decent amount. I’ll need to watch and tweak later.

On my WB Poppery 1, I use a tin can as a roast chamber extension. For sometime, I’ve been using an old Hearthware Gourmet lid on top to collect chaff. It’s screen was too fine and clogged too easily. I’ve since removed the screen, and added a hole in the top for a thermometer. It works well without the chamber extension, but not with. So, I drilled a hole in the can and will insert the thermometer there. What I need to complete that is something to hold the thermometer at the proper angle and keep it from touching the far wall of the roaster. A cotter pin may do the trick. Tried one last night, but it was too short.

Lunch will see me searching a couple of thrift stores for vintage poppers as backups  No luck there.  I guess I’ll haul a 1250w popper along for backup, and a ‘teachable moment’, should I have to shift to it.

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  1. Gerald says:

    Stopped by here thinking you might have posted on the demo by now. I hope it went well.

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