I’m currently in Boston for some work-related training.  Packed the the the AP for my coffee.  So far, it’s great.  The cup quality is clean, full of body, great portability in the device itself and it’s easy to clean.  When grinding with a Zass, it’s still easy.  I’ll likely not use it as regularly at home for the same reason I’ve left espresso: time.  Grinding individual shots over and over is not the easiest with a Zass and is time consuming.  My Cory probably doesn’t have the burrs for the AP, but I’ll check sometime.

In other events here in the North, my friend and I took in the Red Sox last night hosting the Blue Jays.  In ironies of ironies, he ended up with the Vernon Wells 2 run home run ball in the 9th.  We left in the middle of the inning – the cries “Throw it back” were a little eerie.  Then, having to transfer trains due to our train being taken out of service was a bit annoying, but we made it back without incident.  A good night.

Solo Deo Gloria,



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  1. Gerald says:

    I’m glad to hear the Aeropress worked well for you. Guess I will have to break down and get one for myself eventually.

    Also glad you had a good night at the game, etc. Sounds like fun. I haven’t been to a game in quite a few years (Any kind of game). Sometimes miss what was once a big part of my life.

    On the coffee side of things, I finally got brave enough to roast a Yirgacheffee to city plus and drink it as soon as it cooled. Also drank it 24 hours later and again 48 hours later this morning.
    So far I’m thinking that this coffee is not going from bad to great as it rests (as I was afraid it might). Instead, it seems to be going from great to even greater! 🙂 I’ve enjoyed it each morning, but today it just seemed to be a little more complex (more apparent flavors). I think I enjoy tasting how the coffee changes with time, though. So I may keep this up for a while.

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