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I’m not one who wants to hoard what I say; my blathering is largely useless, beyond some mere time-bound information on the coffee bean of the day.  Nevertheless, I was somewhat shocked to see this this morning.  When I logged into WP, I had a comment pending approval.  Usually, it’s spam.  This time, it was different.

The nature of the web, linking, blogs is sharing.  Here, there’s no attribution, no connection to the source.  Mind you, there’s nothing innovative, significant, or intrinsically worthwhile in the post.  It’s that I see my hand elsewhere, where I’ve never written.  So, to be fair, I’ve added this page, How to Use.  Nothing earth-shattering; actually something I’ve meant to do before now.

So, to whomever owns the blog at, thank you.  Thank you that you prompted me to action, to thinking my words worthwhile.  But please, when you find worthwhile posts, clearly attribute them to their source.

Solo Deo Gloria,



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3 Responses to Blog Openness

  1. Gerald says:

    Wow! That is strange. I’m assuming they copied your blog page and posted on their site? And you found out about it because they posted a comment asking for permission?

  2. javajeb says:

    No, it was not a comment asking for permission. It may have been what’s known as a pingback, but that’s usually used when you are commenting or linking to someone’s post/blog.

    Very odd.

  3. Jan says:

    It *could* be the press this option, it *might* be the technovari? stuff you see, it does appear if you look at the source code of that page to be using an rss feed of some sorts…. I’m not sure what the trackback feature is but that might come into play too…. seems the nature of blogs vs. say an official web page. And yes, something similar caused me to put a copyright statement on my blog page. Always fun to have one of those defining thought moments…. I object… but what and why do I object…etc….

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