The AeroPress Has Arrived!

Day one here with the Aeropress. A few initial comments without photos.

The construction is quite nice. I’m not big on plastics around my coffee, but this seems well engineered. I’m guessing it’s a polycarbonate or close friend/relative. I think that they’re better at avoiding odors that other plastics. There’s also a decent heft to the unit, another plus. With the force you’re exerting when extracting/brewing, anything less would break.

This morning, I washed the AP, dried it, and proceeded to grind. I actually read the 10 step manual last night. Not sure I remember anything though, since #4 was up a good bit. I ground up an 18hour rested Tanzania Ngoro Ngoro Convent quite fine in the Zass. Dumped in 4 of the AP’s scoops worth. Added hot water; stirred. Pressed. The pressing is quite a work out. The rubber seal in the bottom of the plunger forms an airtight seal in the chamber, so you really have to push. I did this first on a standard coffee mug; I had hoped to be able to press into my Nisan/Thermos mug. However, it’s uneven lip will prevent that from happening for the foreseeable future.

The 4 scoop brew dropped about 6-8 ounces of coffee into the mug. The documentation tells you it will be strong when using fine grind settings – similar to espresso. So, you add water to make an Americano, which is what I did. Without measuring, I dumped the coffee into my mug, added water and sealed it. I then ground up the remainder of the Ngoro Ngoro (about 1 scoop worth), pressed and diluted to Americano. Drank it at home.

The Brew:

The coffee produced from the AeroPress is incredibly clean. There’s a good body to it. There are flavors I haven’t tasted in the Ngoro Ngoro before when using the Chemex. I quite certain it’s the pressure that generates that, similar to the way flavors explode in espressos. The cleanup is great, especially if you compost your coffee. The filter is fine to reuse, if you wash it off and let it dry.  I recall a discussion on CoffeeGeek sometime ago about food grade nylon filters – for those disliking paper filters.  I can’t find it just now.

It’s a handy brewer, looks good for travel.  The brew is quite good.  Time will truly tell it’s value in the arsenal.

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