Who Knew?!?!

Well, since we’ve started milling our own wheat (and we is largely the wonderful wife), we’ve been looking at heavier mixers than our Sunbeam MixMaster.  Well via an OT discussion on the homeroast list sometime ago, I stumbled upon this: a Yahoo! group dedicated to those who own either a Bosch or an Electrolux Assistent.  If you’re in the market, this is a good place to start researching.

Solo Deo Gloria,



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7 Responses to Who Knew?!?!

  1. Gerald says:

    Excellent! Still don’t see how you can do that and homeschool, too, but where there’s a will, there’s a way.

    I’m finding that I may have to start making more and more of our foods, too. Last night while shopping, I found that the very last pancake syrup that I was willing to buy had eliminated its’ maple syrup additive and added more high fructose corn syrup to the mix. So, I will either use pure maple syrup from now on or try my hand at making our own syrups.

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