After some chatter about the no longer available Brazil Poco Fundo, I’ve been meditating on it. It’s definitely a nice, even bodied cup. I was going to use it for a roasting demo in September, but alas, I’ll settle for the quite nice Colombia San Augustin.

I’ve also been enjoying two Tanzania’s, especially the Songea Flatbean. The flavor profile was hard to nail, but was basically a full bodied cup in the Chemex, with a nice spice kick to it.

Finally, for an upcoming trip, I’m taking the plunge to the Aeropress. I figure it’ll be easier to get through TSA than a SS French Press!

Solo Deo Gloria,



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  1. Gerald says:

    I have the same one. Decided to do a little experimenting with it and found that 32 ounces of water will fill it to the top of the metal band. I’d be very interested to see someone try to add 3 ounces of coffee to that and then press it down without making a huge mess (as I did the first time I tried to make coffee in it). It’s okay, though. I’ve forgiven Bodum for misleading me into wasting coffee 🙂 (mainly because it is an excellent French press! While I was looking for a replacement for my broken one, I took the time to shop around and examine quite a few different brands of press pots. The superior quality of Bodum presses was so obvious that I didn’t hesitate to pay its’ higher price.)

  2. javajeb says:

    Yep – for hte most part, Bodum is great stuff. It took three+ years to break the first beaker/carafe! I know you can’t say that for others – the glass is tough.

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