The Brazil

Jan asked to let her know about the Brazil.  It was a nice cup – a good balanced, ‘meaty’ coffee.  I roasted it to the verge of Full City, rested three days, freshly ground (of course!) and brewed in a Chemex.  Tom cites to flavor characteristics: nutty and, at darker roasts, chocolaty.  I didn’t find chocolate, but the nice, balanced nuttiness was present.  It was a wonderful cup, with a hint of wildness that came at the end as it cooled.  That may actually be my fault, reflecting a slightly overage on the grounds.

Now, back to Ecclesiastes 3…  It’s a bugger for sermonizing.

Solo Deo Gloria,



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2 Responses to The Brazil

  1. Jan says:

    Thanks Jason! I’ll give it another try. I may have to put alternate brewing equipment on the wish list too. And I am sincerely thankful sermon writing is not in my job description…. and everyone around me is probably thankful too 😉

  2. javajeb says:

    The more ways I brew coffee, the more I seem to learn of life and the bean. My regulars are French Press and Chemex. I have a Vac Pot (which I’d like to use more), an occasional Moka Pot, a once used Ibrik, and a rarely used espresso machine. The fun and simplicity of my two primaries, adding the confusion and chaos of feeding children in the morning, makes them my favorites. If I only had a more reliable Vac Pot than my war-era Cory (it’s just the seal). But each brings out something different in the coffee, albeit subtle at times.

    So, if you get the chance, try some alternate brews. I may even grab a Aeropress as well!

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