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I just found this via ActiveWin.  So, working a bit with genealogy, I downloaded and installed.  Took a bit since you need .NET Framework v3.  But, all in all, it’s fairly interesting.  I don’t know that it’s the way you would want to enter and catalog data (for that I use Personal Ancestry File), but it does give you an interesting perspective on things.

One of the neatest, and most annoying things is the navigation.  You see your entire family tree as small figures with lines connecting them.  Finding relationships amongst the spaghetti is difficult, but once you zoom in (you can search by name, but it seems to match too closely), you can see some neat things in a thumbnail view.  There’s not currently any reporting or printing.  Printing would be cool – I could think of some cool charts to hang.

Not bad; nice tool in the box.

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