First Bread

Well, we’ve entered a new phase in life.  In thanks to some health benefits, we’re shifting our bread to all home made loaves from  freshly ground wheat.  Last week, while doing a bit of convalescing, our mill and first bits of wheat arrived.  We ordered about 7# of a hard red wheat and a few pounds of white, hard a soft.

The family’s away now, but I wanted to test it out.  So on Friday, feeling a bit better, I ground up 3 cups of red wheat in the WonderMill (serious torque in that puppy!).  Seemed to get about 5 to 5.5 cups out of the three of kernels.  Anyone else have trending on kernels to flour ratios?

I made a new bread machine recipe (since it’s just me) from a cookbook purchased with the mill.  It was based on a Zojirushi Bread Machine recipe.  It was roughly (from memory)

1.5 cups warm water

1/4 c oil

1/4 honey

salt (how much???)

4.5 c flour

1 T yeast

3/4t ?? Lecithin

That’s all I recall now; probably forgot something.

3.5 hours later (about 9PM), I had a wonderful, dense but moist and very ‘together’ load.  Most of the whole wheat breads we’ve done before have been nice and weighty, but dry and crumbly.  This one was quite nice.  With all whole wheat, it’s probably a bit much for many folks.   But it’s been wonderful!

Looking forward to more.  And I know DW will love it!

Solo Deo Gloria,



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6 Responses to First Bread

  1. serendipityquilting says:

    I think… if I remember right.. somewhere in the wondermill instructions? 8 cups of grain = 12 cups of flour. And I think it’s in the manual because it kept saying never put more than that in because of how much the canister holds. Sounds like a great first run!!! DW is going to be a very happy camper!! I think we buy our wheat & oats in 50 lb bag/buckets.. but the latest place I have scoped out will sell smaller amounts.

  2. javajeb says:

    Yep – I read that, and ground based on that ratio. I got closer to 1:2; it was 3c wheat made 5.5c of flour.

    We’ll probably be ordering in 50# sealed buckets.

  3. serendipityquilting says:

    I think that how fine you grind the wheat, can make a difference on the volume… one of the reasons you often see whole grain recipes in weight vs. volume. And yeah, those buckets sealed in the basement are wonderful. I’ve ordered extra and have things like sugar in them as well so that I don’t have to go to the store as often… now if I could only figure out how to hide a cow in the backyard 😉

  4. javajeb says:

    That’s the nice thing about living in a placed zoned Res/Ag! Not enough room for a cow, but goat’s milk…

  5. serendipityquilting says:

    You know.. come to think of it… that would take care of mowing the lawn too…

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