I was dumbfounded earlier today when I read this over at TeamPyro.  I have multiple translations of the Bible at home, but frequently wonder if we need another one.  Even with my current favorite, which is a relatively recent insertion into the pack.  This new one, Good as New: A Radical Retelling of the Scriptures, violates a standard most Protestant Christians hold to: the perspicuity of scripture.  Perspicuity of Scripture, in a nutshell, says that anyone who approaches the Bible with faith and a humble heart can understand scripture, particularly that which is for salvation.

The Good as New edition strays into territory of mangling scripture, making it less clear in an effort to appeal to the public.  While I want to attract folks to God’s word, reducing what He preserved and said to confusing, possibly blasphemous and contrary to the Scriptures themselves version is doing greater harm than good.

Read the discussion for more over at TeamPyro.

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  1. Sis says:

    That is truly frightening…no wonder people have trouble finding the truth…

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