Roasting, Sermons, History and Clinics

Well, add to that some home projects and the garden, that’s my short list for now.  To elaborate a bit, first I need to roast up; been doing one offs for a while.  Need rested coffee, although the restless type has been an interesting flavor experiment.

I preached yesterday at church (you can hear it here if you like) and am working to get next Sunday’s together as well.  Ecclesiastes is heavy, but fruitful.

I’m continually working on family history.  I had an email this weekend pointing me to this, which has left a surreal feeling.  The victim in the article was a first cousin to my grandfather.

And  Pendergrast’s book is staring at me from the table.  I need to read it for the clinic prep this fall.  It bases from this one, but will be for a larger group.  I may even dip into the tome of Ukers’ (I have it in a local library, thank goodness!).

And lest I forget, we’re soon, as a family, going flour and bread free – purchased flour and bread, that is.  We’re diving into the realm of home grinding wheat!

So, my plate’s full for now.

Solo Deo Gloria,



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4 Responses to Roasting, Sermons, History and Clinics

  1. serendipityquilting says:

    The Ukers book is also on google books if you need to return it before you finish. Good luck with the grinding!! And I am impressed at your ability to do the clinics. What did you end up naming it? You had some rather funny suggestions if I recall….

  2. javajeb says:

    Thanks for the note. I’ll have to check it out on Google books. My presentation information is:

    Title: ‘From Bean to Brew – Coffee for You’
    Description: “Fresh coffee is a joy, and you can have the freshest,
    best-brewed cup without having to go to your local coffee shop. Come learn
    how easy and rewarding home roasting can be–the results are tastefully

  3. Gerald says:

    When I first read this post, Jason, I couldn’t decide whether to give you a hard time about adding to your already full plate (preaching, homeschooling, gardening, writing, coffee-roasting, etc.) or asking you to move to Texas and be my next door neighbor. 🙂

    I’m talking about the wheat grinding/bread making, of course. I finally decided that the best option is for you and your family to move to Texas. My hobby for next year (each year I start a new hobby) is supposed to be home cheese making. We could work out a system whereby I provide our families with cheese and you provide the flour. What do you think? 🙂

  4. javajeb says:

    Sounds yummy! Too bad we’re not looking to relocate. 🙂

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