‘Tis the Season

Of garden tending, yard mowing, VBS going, t-ball ending, home projects starting, so on and so on. So, life’s been busy around my house. Add to that preaching for the next two weeks, and life is full, pleasingly full.

I’ve also shifted my scripture reading. After reading Todd Pedlar’s entry here earlier this year, I’ve been contemplating shifting my focus. I had been reading the through the Bible in a year plan in my ESV. It was getting a bit too heavy at times, and I was focusing more on reading four or five chapters of various books a day, rather than contemplating what I was reading. So, I’ve shifted.

Now, in an effort to slow my reading and regain some of my Greek skills I’ve lost, I’ve been reading the Gospel of John in Greek, a paragraph or so per morning. My focus currently is twofold: regain some basic vocabulary and meditate on what I’m reading. So, some mornings I do more of the former; others, more of the latter. I’m searching for a block of time in the evening where I can resume my through the Bible in a year time, to keep the whole of scripture before me regularly.

Solo Deo Gloria,



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