I’ve made no secret of the fact I tend towards luddism, though not in toto.  This past weekend, I grabbed some more notebooks.  Several months ago, I picked up a Miquelrius large, leather-like notebook for my wife.  Friday evening, I grabbed a small version of the same.  I started out with it this morning, doing a bit of double duty: reviewing, any, reviving my Greek by reading the Epistle of John, selecting a verse or part thereof, and meditating thereupon.  I also found that it matches almost exactly to the size of my Compact TruTone ESV bible, so it’s a nice mate for it.

New paper — ahhhh!  For a comparable, and more artistically written piece, read Joy on “a Thursday Morning in Rockford, Illinois”.  Ahhh, the allure of the written word!

Solo Deo Gloria,



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  1. javajeb says:

    Maybe, but more than likely the Moleskine. They are definitely enchanting.

  2. joy mccarnan says:

    ha! true. too true.

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