What a Difference the Grind Makes –

And how the Mexico Oaxaca Pluma blooms to life!

Well, I recently scored a vintage Cory DEG grinder off of ebay.  Despite the dulled burrs, it did a good job grinding up my 3 day rested Mexico Oaxaca Pluma – Don Eduardo, roasted to Full City.  I ground about the same amount I normally grind in the Zass, brewed in my French Press.  The grind, however, was a bit coarser.  The normal grind on my Zass is considerably finer.  But this time, I was afraid I may have weak, underextracted brew.  But wow!  Wonderful.  The body was incredible.  There was some other taste I was never able to put my finger on, but there was also a definite aftertaste of fresh honey.

Maybe I’ll start liking the Mexico better.

Solo Deo Gloria,


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5 Responses to What a Difference the Grind Makes –

  1. Gerald says:

    Congratulations on the “new” grinder!!! They do make a difference in the number of things you can do at one time in the mornings. Mine really opened my eyes to French press brewing. I’d enjoyed it before, but now I like it so much it is difficult to get me to brew any other way.

    I hope your burrs aren’t too dull. Not sure how you’d get replacements on a vintage machine.

  2. javajeb says:

    Dull, but not too. I may investigate sharpening. No place that I can find use 44mm burrs. Especially not two screw ones. If I could find 44mm flat burrs with three holes, it could probably work.

    She works well, but I have to grind downstairs – too loud; would wake sleeping little ones!


  3. Gerald says:

    Um, so where is the kitchen? Upstairs, I take it?
    That sounds like a difficulty.
    I wonder why it is so loud? The KitchenAid is quieter than the hand grinder.

    Good luck finding replacement burrs and/or sharpening. I’ll look around a bit for you, too.

  4. javajeb says:

    We actually have two kitchens – one up and one down. Most of the living space is upstairs, including the primary kitchen. The second needs work. It may have been used as a summer kitchen in the past. Not sure. But the stairs are just behind the fridge in our main kitchen. Not too far.

    The burrs seem to do fine for what I’m brewing. Espresso, turkish, moka are all probably out of the question. FP, vac and drip will be fine. I still have my Zasses, so I’m good!

  5. Gerald says:

    Well, that’s good. Maybe those burrs will continue to do the trick for you, too.

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