Opportunity Blend – Yet Again

Well,  this morning was cleanup day.  Cleanup the last of last week’s roast.  It’s my weekly chance to see what I can do when forced to blend.  I’ve read most of what Tom’s written on the subject, but have never gotten the hang of it.  Simply, I try to blend beans from different continents.  This morning, I couldn’t.  Had two beans left, the Rwanda Women’s Co-Op and the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe – Oromia.  I mixed.  I ground.  I brewed in a FP for two and a half minutes.  Result, at least as it cools, great stuff!  I’m tasting a fairly deep body, with incredible sweetness in the aftertaste.  There’s a bit of the astringency I would anticipate.  Nice.  It’s always good to be surprised by the op blend.

Solo Deo Gloria,



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  1. Gerald says:

    Hmmmm, you know, I could get the one from Target for immediate gratification, but also get the replacement from Sweet Marias so that I could make larger amounts of coffee when I have guests over. Plus, if one or the other broke, I wouldn’t be in the same pickle I’m in today! 🙂

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