It’s been a while since I roasted any Yemeni beans.  In a desperately tired roasting session last night, I roasted a batch of Yemen Mokha Haimi to Full City.  I was shooting for a bit north of FC, and even hit 450F, but was just starting a steady 2nd crack.  Smelled yummy.  I ground and brewed the tiny beans this morning and a wonderful, spicy brew came out.  Incredibly pleasant, not terribly smooth, but pleasantly spicy.  Can’t quite put my finger on the spice, but it was nice.

Once finished, I fed our dogs, checked on the garden, and was greeted by a tempter in the tree, not unlike this one (warning! all ophidiophobes beware of link!).  Though not as lengthy, he measured in at a good 4’+.  Gave me a start, but I suspect he was angling for some European Starlings – you are welcome to them, good sir!


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One Response to Mokha

  1. Gerald says:

    Hey! You made a rhyme!

    I got some beans from Yemen in my first order from Sweet Marias nearly a year and a half ago. Still have 3/4 pound of it left so you can see how much I liked it. 🙂 Your description of this Yemen has me interested, though. If I buy some and still don’t like it, can I mail the remainder to you?

    Nice sized snake! Looks like he was having no trouble negotiating that tree trunk, either.

    How’s your garden doing? Getting anything out of it yet? We’re swamped with yellow squash and zucchini. Only had one ripe tomato, though, and a little green worm beat us to it. This year I’ve planted an especially large amount of basil because we plan to eat lots of pesto this summer. Just picked our first batch of leaves this morning to go in a pasta dish we had for lunch. It’s looking like I’ll have enough basil for the whole church in another month. 🙂

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