Towns of the Past

Zachariah Henry Bailey - Grave

This weekend, I was out hunting cemeteries, looking for old family, most of whom I never knew. While looking for this grave, I wandered through the now non-existent town of McComas, WV. Below is a photo of what seems to be the Electric Shop. As you can see from the picture, there doesn’t appear to be much there.
McComas - Electric ShopAnd I can assure you that my photo (full sized link) is not obfuscating anything of significance. I’m told that the fence to the left was a boundary for the old tipple that’s now gone. For perspective, this valley held a few thousand folks less than one hundred years ago. An aerial view of McComas from yesteryear can be seen here. It’s always sad to see such cultural loss. Even with something as destructive as coal mining can be, it’s an entire town, way of life, place gone.

I know someone back home who grew up in McComas. Now, there’s so little left, she can’t even recognize the town she once knew. Nevertheless, it’s always good to go back to the mountains, to see the hills, feel the embrace of the gurgling spring.

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