Life and Coffee

Lately, as the silence offers indication, life has been busy. The spring time opens up the can of worms – activity, later and later, as we are spared darkness. T-ball 3 days a week, the yard, ever beckoning for attention. Vines to condemn and execute, despite a recalcitrance regarding their sentence. So, tired am I, still finding the rhythms of this new spring.  And then add the weekend – preaching and teaching, although the latter didn’t happen.

But I did try a new coffee this morning. Last week, I received a new shipment of greens from SweetMaria’s.  Amongst my order was a Rwanda FT Duhingekawa Women’s Cooperative bean, which, after 36 hours, has proven to be brighter than I anticipated.  I roasted it to a City+ on Saturday evening; this morning, it’s initial taste is like a Kenya, with an aftertaste/base more like a Uganda or other Rwandas I’ve had.  Taste and enjoy.

Solo Deo Gloria,



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2 Responses to Life and Coffee

  1. Gerald says:

    How’s that Rwanda with another 48 hours rest?

    I’ve been trying to reduce my stash of Central Americans to make room for Tom’s new offerings and am enjoying the Blue Quetzal from Guatemala this morning. I’ve bought an additional French press that makes only 12 ounces of coffee so that I can make de-caf for wife occasionally without having to drink it with her. (It makes her de-caf stash last longer, you understand.) 🙂

    I understand about the busy-ness. Things have been the same way over here. Seems there are so many things to do that not only can I not get them all done in one day, some things are having to wait until the following week.

  2. javajeb says:

    I can’t recall how the Rwanda was with more rest. I think I had it as a blend on Monday, but that’s a bit of a blur now. I’m going to try and do my typical batches tonight, if I have time. I’ve been one-offing the roasts so far.


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