Peru Norte Especial

Gerald asked me if I’d tried the Peru yet.  The Peru from last week was roasted to a City+, around 435F.  It was not bad, but not great either.  So, during last night’s roasting, I took the Peru Norte to a Full City, around 445F.  Waiting will tell, but I’m hoping for a more even taste.  To the extent I can recall, the Peru at City+ was a little thin, without any notable characteristics.  I’m hoping the FC treatment will bring a bit more flavor to the table.


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15 Responses to Peru Norte Especial

  1. Gerald says:

    I found a hot air popcorn popper at a thrift store today, bought it, and have just completed mhy first roast with it. Looks like it worked perfectly (a Guatemala Huehuetenango to full city plus) I am very happy to join the world of popcorn roasters!

  2. javajeb says:

    The one downfall of poppers, which your old method can overcome, is too fast roasts. Noticeable with roasts that benefit from an extended time between 1st and 2nd, developing flavor. So, some beans can come out a bit flat with poppers. But overall, they’re the best for the money.

  3. Gerald says:

    There was about a 30 second gap this time between first and second crack. Found a web page outlining modifications for this particular popper that I might try to implement. Long extension cord was suggested, too.

    It was an easy way to roast. Batch size was 5 ounces, too, so that’s not too shabby. Guess I will find out Tuesday morning what I really think, though.

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