Latest Roasts

Saturday’s roasting leveraged the new arrival of beans Friday.  I roasted some of the following:

Mexico Organic Nayarit Terruno   City +

Peru Norte Especial   City +

Panama Lot 1286 (I think that was it)   Full City

Tanzania Mt Meru Nkoanekoli  City +

and the Congo Kivu PB   Full City

This morning, I broke the seal on the Mexico.  I roasted it City+, around 440-445F (Note, all this is from memory, I don’t have my log before me).  Ground and brewed in a Chemex this morning.  The sweetness is there, mild like Tom mentioned.  But it needs more rest.  I’m guessing it’ll flourish after about 5 days.  There’s still a bit of grassiness in it, maybe like a slightly undercooked asparagus.  But by the fading nature, I think it’s rest-related, not roast-related.  I guess I’l have to wait until Thursday to find out.  By then, the Congo will be good to go as well.

So tomorrow,  what to brew?  I’m not sure right now.  Experience with any of these?  Which should be best at 4 days rest?

Solo Deo Gloria,



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16 Responses to Latest Roasts

  1. javajeb says:

    Hopefully it won’t wear out too soon. You can always pick up an older Grindmaster on eBay pretty cheaply. They’d probably grind your driveway.

  2. Gerald says:

    LOL My driveway, eh? 🙂 Actually, I saw a Grindmaster (a new one even) selling for $8.49 on one website. My wife found it for me and was asking me if it was any good. I told her it was good all right, but that they just couldn’t be selling a new one for that price. We kept studying and reading about it. Decided the grinder really was new, but once we started taking steps to buy it, we realized that the price was mismarked so we didn’t pursue it.

    I’ve looked at a few on Ebay, but the close-up photos of each of them always seem to show VERY heavy wear. They are ugly, corroded, and dirty. Only seem to have three different grind settings, too.

    The owner’s manual of this one says that the burrs should be good for 600 pounds of grinding. That’s about ten years worth of coffee around our house. Of course, if I were to take it up to the church every Sunday . . . . .

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  4. Sheridan says:

    I have been enjoying a batch of that Peru Norte mid lite roast. It’s thin but that carmel is very pronounced. What would I bend it with to get a carmel apple coffee? This morning I am having the late harvest yargi thru the espresso machine. its good, not my favorite. The brazil Boa I finished off thru the espresso was nice.


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