Teaching Post-Mortem

When I teach or preach, I frequently become quite pensive and analytical, examining what was done.  So that’s been the past 12 or so hours, of which I’ve been awake.  Last night was the initial class in the Basic Biblical Literacy class at church.  We are examining Dan Doriani’s book “Getting the Message” as a means to gain a greater insight into scripture, understand and handle the various literary types in scripture, and ultimately apply scripture to life.  Last night, the focus was on Context, both literary and historical.  It was a great deal of information, but it seemed to be received well.  I just hope everyone hangs in there.  Unfortunately, a hunk of our population was not able to be there, so I recorded the session.  It’s online, but not pubicly linked.  I know some folks were praying for me, and I thank you for your prayers.  One week down, five to go.  Keep praying that God will be glorified in this semi-academic exercise and that it will not remain academic, but alter lives.

Solo Deo Gloria,



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2 Responses to Teaching Post-Mortem

  1. Gerald says:

    I’m sure you’re off to a great start, Jason!

  2. javajeb says:

    I hope so. I felt as if I overwhelmed some, and bored others. I hope they all come back next week when it’ll be a bit lighter and, hopefully, more fun.

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